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Organic El Cibao Dominican
Whole Roasted Bean Coffee 1 lb
(from USD$7.02)


Organic El Cibao Dominican
Vacuum Packed Ground Coffee 0.55 lb
(from USD$4.32)


Monte Real Dominican
Whole Roasted Bean Coffee 0.88 lb
(from USD$4.99)


Monte Real Dominican
Ground Coffee 0.88 lb
(from USD$4.99)


Santo Domingo Dominican
Ground Coffee 1 lb
(from USD$5.13)


Dulceria Rodriguez Dominican
Sweet White Coconut Sticks Dessert 4 oz
(from USD$1.23)


Dulceria Rodriguez Dominican
Sweet Milk Fudge 9 oz
(from USD$1.72)


Hatuey Dominican
Soda Crackers 20 Units Box 23.6 oz
(from USD$3.93)


Embajador Dominican
Sweet Chocolate 60 Bars Box 55.2 oz
(from USD$8.65)


Maggi Dominican
Complete Seasoning 10.58 Oz
(from USD$1.77)


Presidente Regular Dominican
with Magnet Beer Shapped Bottle Opener
(from USD$2.29)


Presidente Light Dominican
with Magnet Beer Shapped Bottle Opener
(from USD$2.29)

The more you order, the cheaper per unit!

Compare prices  of

“Organic El Cibao Dominican Whole Roasted Bean Coffee 1 Lb”

Product = $11.92 ($11.92 per pound)

Shipping (to USA)= $17.27 ($17.27 per pound)

Total = USD$29.24 ($29.24 per pound)

Product = $41.19 ($8.24 per pound)

Shipping (to USA) = $$29.92 ($5.98 per pound)

Total = USD$71.11 ($14.22 per pound)

Product = $140.34 ($7.02 per pound)

Shipping (to USA) = $81.08 ($4.05 per pound)

Total = USD$221.42 ($11.07 per pound)

Paypal - payment method for purchasing Dominican products

This is one of the most convenient ways of payment online because it provides the security and guarantee that they offer regarding your funds and personal information. They assume responsibility as intermediary of the purchase and assist in case of any situation that may arise in the process of the order and delivery. You can pay using your debit/credit card or your bank account and you can do it even if you are not registered with them.

Western Union - payment method for purchasing Dominican products

Western Union is a company that offers multiple ways of sending money worldwide. You can use their service via phone, their website or by going physically to one of their offices. They allow you to use your credit/debit card, bank account or cash. Using this method provides you a saving on certain purchases of about 5% of the cost. 

Bank transfer - payment method for purchasing Dominican products

This type of payment is as convenient as the previous one because almost everyone has a bank account. Also, we provide approximately 5% discount to the cost of the order.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can I trust you?

Trust is one of the most important words in our business, we have about 7 years of experience on e-commerce selling in multiple platforms and we have always behaved in a way that people notice by them self the type of persons we are. Besides that we are a legitimate incorporated business in the state of Delaware, United States since February 13th, 2015. Our company name Dofeli is also registered in Dominican Republic since December 8th, 2016. Paypal is a leading company in the world on protection and security regarding transactions between businesses and customers so they really keep track of everything and can cancel accounts immediately if they notice something wrong. Our Paypal account is more than a decade old with excellent standing, that’s why is our main payment method. 

How long does it take to receive the items I purchased?

We usually ship the order within 0 – 2 business days after payment completed. The average time that it will take to be delivered for the American continent is 5 – 10 business days from shipping day and for elsewhere in the planet it usually takes 8 – 16 business days. If you need expedited (faster) shipping just contact us.

Where do you ship the parcels from?

We ship the Dominican products directly from Santiago, Dominican Republic, this confirms we are dealing with original and fresh items from this land.

Can I track my package?

Yes, just when we ship your product we send you an email instantly letting you know about the tracking information so you know exactly where your item is at any moment.

What companies do you use to deliver my item?

We use INPOSDOM which is the main government mail post of Dominican Republic, then it handles the package to your country’s main government mail post like USPS (United States) or Russian Post (Russia) and they deliver the package to your location.

Are my products delivered straight to my door?

About 90% of packages are delivered straight to your door on your house, work or any address you placed. The other 10% of orders  the mail of your country might leave a note in your address letting you know that your parcel is in their office (the closest one to you) so you can pick it up there, that’s the procedure in parcels with special size or content.

What type of package do you use to ship my order?

All orders are packed using strong carton boxes.

I love a Dominican item but you don't have it in your site, can you get it?

We will always assist you with that and if the product don’t have any restriction with the mail or payment method and we can get it we will definitely sell it to you. Please contact us to dofelishop@gmail.com, we always answer in less than 12 hours.

I need Dominican rum and beer can you sell it?

Unfortunately, we are not allowed to ship via mail alcoholic beverages, nor we can process these payments via Paypal.

I'm used to pay with another payment method and don't know yours. What can I do?

We are very flexible people, just contact us to dofelishop@gmail.com and explain the situation, on most cases we can accept your payment method.

I'm a regular customer or I need to purchase large quantities, can I get a discount?

Of course, we are open to discuss prices. Just send us an email to dofelishop@gmail.com, we always answer in less than 12 hours.

What our customers say about us?


Paula O'Reilly

Russia – 3 years being our customer

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Anabella Thomson

United States – 2 years in our family

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Martin von Berdich

France – 4 years being our happy client

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Paula Smith

Africa – 8 months ordering from us

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