Dominican Coffee

The Dominican Republic is known for its coffee, which was introduced to the are in 1715. Grown in the Dominican Highlands, coffee is a staple of life in the Dominican Republic. Arabica, or mild, beans are their primary focus. There are Robusta beans grown in much smaller quantities as well. People who love good coffee love Dominican Republic Coffee, as when prepared well it is exceptional. Slow & low brewing methods are favored in the Dominican republic for the brewing of coffee. Long-brew Espresso machines are particularly popular, although anything that appropriately extracts flavor at an off-boil is desired.
To properly brew a carafe, you start with high quality beans. You need at least 3 oz of beans per 64 oz of water. The beans, if you have not roasted them, should be fresh roasted and ground only just before serving. The beans should then be ground, which increases their surface area exponentially. Drip Coffee is an easy way to add the water, possibly with a reusable or paper coffee filter. Once the water has been sieved through the beans, or when the coffee machine is done, the coffee should be poured and drank before it cools off. Coffee beans of the Dominican Republic are often mild, which must not be over diluted or else their delicate flavor will be ruined. Similarly, Dominican Republic dark beans must be brewed carefully.
Dominican Republic coffee is exported all over the world. These are some of the best brands of coffee available: Bravo Classic Coffee, El Cibao Coffee, First Class Dominican Coffee, Induban Coffee, Monte Real Dominican Coffee, Pilon Dominican Coffee, Santo Domingo Coffee, and Serrano Dominican Coffee.
Natura Bella’s El Cibao coffee is always made from the best beans available and processed with the most modern and delicate equipment. This discerning process yields a coffee of quality and unique flavor.
First Class Dominican Coffee has been elaborated with a rigorous selection of beans to ensure a genuine and unique product.
Induban coffee may be the best coffee from the Dominican Republic. It is chosen from the cream of the crop and roasted to perfection. Their gourmet roast is exquisite and rich.
Monte Real Dominican Coffee has rapidly gained worldwide fame and competes with Induban coffee for the number one coffee export. It’s famous blend is slightly blended with chocolate, at a rate of .01%.
Pilon Dominican Coffee is a rare coffee that is affordable, popular and of high quality. Their rich-flavored, dark-roasted coffees are the pride and joy of Dominicans.
Santo Domingo Coffee is the most loved and consumed coffee in the Dominican republic. It is a rich dark roast that is convenient to prepare, enjoyed by people everywhere.
Serrano Dominican Coffee is an additive free, 100% Arabica coffee. It is preferred by coffee experts around the world for it’s gentle flavor and aroma. It is elaborated with the finest coffees and under the highest quality controls.