Dominican Snacks

In the Dominican Republic our culture is something of which we are very proud, that is especially true when it comes to our food. Dominican desserts and snacks are world famous products which we are happy to share with you. Amongst them feature many variations on chocolate, coconut desserts, fudges and candies.

Dominican Chocolates:

Our domestic Dominican products are delicious and rich. Cortes Hermanos Copittas Cacaitos offers a bag of little Dominican chocolate bars. They have been on grocery store shelves around the country for decades, a staple. No other candy quite brings nostalgia in the Dominican Republic as a bag of Cortes Hermanos can.
There is Crachi chocolate crisped rice bar. It is a classic, vintage authentic-chocolate-cacao sweet bar that most everyone in the Dominican Republic has tasted.
Mas Mas makes a savory almond crunch bar. It is a quality staple available all over the Dominican Republic
Carte makes several lines of premium chocolate bar. Their new premium product line includes chocolate almond bars, chocolate cacao bars, chocolate coffee bars, and chocolate cone bars.
Rocky Dominican produces an almond chocolate bar, which has been enjoyed for many years. Mr Milk makes a classic milk chocolate bar, for those interested in a more classic, simple flavor. Fleiki makes a Dominican Chocolate Corn Flake Sweet bar, which is a sweet and crunchy Dominican snack bar famous throughout the Dominican Republic.

Kah Kow is a chocolate we are very proud to share with you. The Rizek family has produced fine and organically grown cocoa beans in the Dominican republic since 1905. Their farms, which are located in the Cibao Valley, have become famous for their excellent plants and meticulous processing. They have produced a range of limited quantity premium organic chocolate bars that are produced in the style of artisan chocolatiers of the late nineteenth century. Kah Kow produces dark chocolate bars at 55%, 62% 70%, and 82% cacao content.

Dominican Coconut and Nut Desserts:

Dulceria Rodriguez produces Dominican sweet & colorful coconut snack sticks, a symbol of Dominican candy for decades. It is something that many people in households across the Dominican Republic know how to make and it is great for kids. They also produce a sweet white snack stick.
Dulceria Rodriguez also produces the popular sweet coconut tray, a staple of the Dominican Republic. An exquisitely sweet dessert fit for any occasion. Additionally, they make a sweet almond and sweet sesame snack bar. Protein rich snacks great for any occasion that are easy to eat and transport. Their Sweet cashew products are also quite popular.

Dominican Fudges and Candies:

Dulceria Rodriguez also produces a number of fudges and milk candies. One of their most popular products are Dominican low sugar sweet milk fudges. A popular household product, it is preferred for its uniform texture and healthy low-sugar content.
There are several traditional fudges available as well. Often made of chocolate blended with one of a number of different fruits including passionfruit, mango, orange, concon, guava and cashew. Additionally, guava, passion fruit and other powerful fruit flavors are often made into fudges alone.