Chargeback Policy

Chargeback Policy



A chargeback is a return of money to a payer of a transaction, especially a credit card transaction as a result of a claim by the payer directly to their bank. The chargeback reverses a money transfer from the consumer’s bank account, line of credit, or credit card. The chargeback is ordered by the bank that issued the consumer’s payment card.

This differ from a refund in the fact that refunds are mostly initiated by the merchants, chargebacks are always initiated by the payer. 

There are many different types of chargebacks, and in most cases, a chargeback is requested when the customer feels they have a right to dispute the transaction based on the assumption of:

  • Fraud. In this case, a customer can claim that they were charged without their knowledge.
  • Products or services weren’t provided.
  • Products are faulty or not as described.


Disputing Chargebacks

If we believe there have not been any violations by us to our terms and that the payment is valid; we will file a dispute to the payer’s bank that generated the chargeback and make every effort to reverse it by providing documentation (like proof of delivery, invoices and receipts, customer communications and more) to the bank proving that the customer did in fact purchase the item/s and that the selling process occurred normally in the margins of the will and the knowledge of the custome and that we provided the service/product requested.