Mamajuana Benefits

For as long as there has been Mamajuana, there has been talk of the Mamajuana health benefits. It is said that Mamajuana benefits many bodily systems, as it contains many herbs that tradition says are healing. It was even banned for nonmedical use by a dominican dictator, Rafael Trujilo, who feared the population growth Mamajuana might bring due to its alleged properties as an aphrodisiac. The combination of barks, herbs, spices, honey and sugarcane honey creates quite a complex tincture. The selection of herbs, spices, and bark is credited to the Taino people who most likely consumed it in a very different form to what is consumed today. Rum was invented in the 16th century in Barbados and Mamajuana’s use by the Taino Indians predates that by several hundred years. It’s even been reported that early variants many not have had any alcohol in them at all and were more akin to an herbal tea.

Mamajuana Benefits: Digestion and Circulation

Mamajuana has been rumored to benefit digestion and circulation. Taking the spices and herbs of Mamajuana and combining them with alcohol brings out their curative effects, creating what is called a tincture. This tincture, when taken at room temperature, is rumored to both ease and regulate digestion. While we can’t confirm this medically, we do know many cultures have had such “Digestifs”, or alcoholic drinks to aid in digestion.

Mamajuana may owe its reputation for benefiting the circulatory system to the purported qphrodesiac effects. The drink’s infamous reputation for same is so widespread that some say you can’t even order it without a bartender winking or chuckling.
In scientific terms the circulatory benefits could be related to the blood vessel dilating effects of alcohol or specific properties of the plants used to make mamajuana. Either way, Mamajuana certainly makes one feel like their blood is flowing more smoothly.

Mamajuana and the Immune system

Another benefit of Mamajuana that has seen medical use throughout the past is its ability to boost the immune system. Shaman and other healers would give the drink as a way to fight off infections and other diseases, like the cold and flu. Now it’s easy to overdo alcohol, especially when sick, and Mamajuana makes no exception. It may have mildy restorative properties or provide a helpful placebo effect, but alcohol can easily lead to dehydration, especially when sick.

Other effects of Mamajuana

Despite the many claims of Mamajuana’s benefits, there are certainly other effects to keep in mind. Due to its sweet taste and easy-drinking nature, Mamajuana is known for its hangovers. Many unwary travelers have had their first morning after Mamajuana consumption spent laying on a couch with a splitting headache. It’s also important to not that Mamajuana is often offered as a medical solution first and a drink second. While we can’t confirm it’s medical efficacy we can tell you that you should always consult a doctor when sick, even if you’ve heard so much about Mamajuana’s health benefits. Mamajuana, especially when mixed with alcohol, can cause dehydration, nausea, tremors, muscle problems and sweating. So it is best to imbibe responsibly.