About Us


The name “Dofeli” stands for “Dominicanos felices”, or “Happy Dominicans” in our native language Spanish.

We offer all kinds of class A / best quality / well known Dominican products like: coffees, chocolates, seasonings, sweets, souvenirs and more. Shipped directly from Santiago, Dominican Republic to the door of your house or work anywhere in the planet! We have plenty of experience on this business of online commerce and international (worldwide) shipping (10 years approximately). And we are always working to provide the best service possible as well to have everything from this wonderful country Dominican Republic (La Hispaniola) available for you.

At Dofeli, we are known for many things, some of them are: trust, responsibility, honesty, respect, excellent communication… that’s why 80% of our buyers keep buying from us over and over again! 

 You can contact us for any questions of any kind through this email:

  • dofelishop@gmail.com

We’ll do our best to answer you the fastest we can (always within 24 hours)!


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