Save by using: Western Union or Bank Transfer Payments


We are so happy to let you know about a new way of payment that we have introduced to the site that could provide you a saving on certain purchases of about 8% of the cost even if you are purchasing something that already has a discount. This is: “MONEY TRANSFERS” via bank or any other company like Western Union for example.

The steps for this are vey very simple:

1) Contact us to our email: and tell us that you want to use this new method of economical payment and let us know which product/s and quantity you’d like from our site

2) We send you an invoice with the cheaper/discounted price and with the information of us so we can receive the payment.

3) You make the payment.

4) We confirm we received it and we just send you your item as always (you know we always let you know of shipment and provide tracking).

  • Keep in mind that the companies charge a fee for sending the payment but it tends to be very economical if the amount is good. Our advise is that your purchase exceeds $300 USD so you can really enjoy a good discount.
  • You decide how much you want to save since there is no limit on the quantity you want or the amount!