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  • Organic.
  • Made in Monción, Dominican Republic.
  • Each pack contains 3 pieces/slices.
  • Cassava flatbread is one of the oldest foods that Dominicans have which was originally made by the “Taínos” (Before Cristobal Colon discovered America) that were the native people of this country Dominican Republic.
  • Its basic ingredient is “Cassava” or “Yuca”; in Spanish, and has been a tradition in this country to eat this delicious food for picnics, snacks and with main dishes.
  • It is one of the type of products that are almost only available in this land that’s why is a very popular souvenir.
  • It is one of the typical good products that we Dominicans know very well how to make.
  • Manufacturing company: Guaraguanó Foods S.R.L. (since 1976).
  • Expiry date: 6 months from manufacturing date approximately (printed on the actual package but might be removed from these pictures).
  • Labels of our company name, logo or website that might show in these pictures are watermarks and are not present on the actual product.

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