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  • The most famous chips from DR!
  • Each pack of this combo includes 12 bags total. Distributed as follows: 
    • Hojuelitas Cheese (1 unit): has a mild and irresistible flavor.
    • Hojuelitas BBQ (1 unit): provides you a unique experience.
    • Hojuelitas Picanticas (3 units): specially for hot and spicy food lovers!
    • Snacks Palitos de Queso (3 units): perfectly designed for snacks!
    • Caribas Plátanos Original (1 unit): is made from the main ingredient to achieve “Dominican Power”: Plantains!
    • Caribas Plátanos Maduros (1 unit): “Dominican Power”: Plantains!, and in this case; ripe ones!
    • Caribas Yuca Original (1 unit): follows these simple manufacturing steps: 1) Cassavas are taken from the land where they’ve been carefully cultivated by our local farmers. 2) They are cut into thin flakes to become crispy and dry. 3) Finally salt is added and packed so you can enjoy them. There is no taste that compares with that of the native table.
    • Mofongo Snax (1 unit): offers you the irresistible combination of crispy pork rinds with the unique and natural flavor of plantains and cassava seasoned with a touch of garlic. It is the perfect combination to enjoy with your friends in the “colmadón” (Dominican grocery store), playing dominoes or watching baseball. Make your fun irresistible!
    • Chicharrón Natural (1 unit): has an intense flavor that only pork can provide and it’s here packed and ready for you! 
  • These chips are part of a select group of Frito Lay products that have been in the heart of all Dominicans since decades ago because of many factors including unprecedented tasty flavor.
  • Especially loved by Dominican kids and youngsters because it’s a handy option for snacks.
  • Much used in birthday parties, school and work breaks, all types of festivities and everywhere you want to enjoy a delicious snack!
  • The manufacturing company for this product is Frito Lay Dominicana.
  • Expiring date: 3 months from manufacturing date (printed on package).

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